“Yuk it's all muddy!” excited children squeal as the leave their car to holiday in their woodland cabin.
This is half term holidays in the Forest of Dean on a glorious autumn day – this is nature as its best. Although the paths are dry, a carpet of dry leaves hide the wet earth and other creatures waiting to be discovered.
We love the feeling of being part of the ancient woodland in our discreet log cabin. It is spacious, well equipped with a practical oak floor, ideal for families, dog lovers or couples wanting a quiet forest retreat. We relax and unwind in the hot tub under the tree canopy.
There is room for everyone here – family groups and couples enjoying walks in the comfort and privacy of the forest.
The site has a meeting hub, the Forest Retreat, which offers essentials, local food products and local information. Here you can find out about natures other creatures sharing your environment from the knowledgeable on-site ranger.
The Forest of Dean is an historic hunting ground which spreads out from the Wye Valley across to the imposing River Severn.
We take a long walk to the soaring 500ft high limestone outcrop that is Symonds Yat Rock. We stand for a while to watch the swooping peregrines and buzzards and enjoy the breathtaking view. The woody smell of leaves in the brisk autumn air coupled with the distinctive colours is a joy.
In the evening we chose to sample the walk welcome and delicious local food at the Dog and Muffler in the next village.
Next day we see children, now wellington booted, enjoying the mud and the excitement of building a den. We remember our own childhood and share in their delight.
The woods still offer wonderful and different surprises every season.
Forest Holidays now have 8 locations in some prime UK forest locations offering self catering log cabins and tree houses.